Beautiful Blue Dressage Saddle

County Saddlery, a traditional saddle making business in Maryland, has made the dream of a Russian businesswoman come true. When she was a child she dreamed “of riding in a saddle as blue as the brilliant blue sky, and last year County Saddlery made her dream come true with its one-of-a-kind blue saddle”. County Saddlery reports that the Russian dressage rider talked to County in 2012 with a unique request to make a dressage saddle completely out of blue leather. “County President, Gene Freeze said it was a challenge he couldn’t resist.”

This dazzling “dressage saddle features a unique design in brilliant blue leather, with the cantle, leathers and parts of the girth in contrasting blue Ostrich leather. The company insignia is embroidered in the center of the back cantle.”

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One Response to Beautiful Blue Dressage Saddle

  1. Jan Griffiths says:

    That is gorgeous!! I want one!!!

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